• JPF Fleet Manager

    Manage a fleet of computers, located anywhere on the globe. Monitor their system health; receive alerts for critical events, and view graphs detailing system performance over time. Software updates can be pushed and installed automatically. All that’s needed is some form of internet connection and the JPFS Remote Management software.

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  • Custom software

    JPF Software is founded by specialists in software development. We have years of experience developing and managing larger as well as smaller projects. We have experience working with a wide variety of different operating systems and computer languages.

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  • Consultancy and project management

    JPF Software offers consultancty in ICT projects as well as projectmanagement. We operate either on location, through face to face contact with one of your consultants, or by phone and e-mail. Depending on your needs, we select the best software solution for you. Areas of expertise include: ICT and goverment, information architecture, Open Source software, (IT) standards, security and performance optimization.

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JPF Software is founded by specialists in the area of software development. Having studied Science of Public Administration and Computer Science at Leiden University, we gathered years of experience developing and managing both larger and smaller IT projects for different customers using a variety of operating systems and computer languages. We focus on making generic software to deal with problems that occur often. Our software can easily be adjusted to the specific needs of our customers. JPF Fleet Manager is an example of such a product. Depending on the wishes of the customer, it is also possible to provide for a combined software and hardware package, in conjunction with our business partner JPF Computing.